Our Company

Estor was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from Hoechst (now Sanofi), with the ambition to grow the company in the supply of medical products.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, we are offering our customers innovative and high-tech products from certified and qualified companies, marketed following a strict procedure of internal audit. We are exclusive distributors of a full range of devices, including both proprietary and third-party products. We are specialized in blood purification therapies for various clinical applications, including hemodialysis and intensive care. We have an excellent track record of establishing and building strong relationships with key opinion leaders and decision-makers in the healthcare sector in Italy and internationally. Among our partners is TORAY, a global leader in advanced materials and a strong player in the biomedical sector. We are currently working with more than 600 departments in public and private health institutions in Italy. Our success in Italy has led us to expand internationally and we are now present in several European countries.

We have expertise in:

  • Distribution and export of medical devices
  • Scientific and market positioning of medical devices
  • Design and sponsorship of clinical trials
  • Design and industrialization of medical devices
  • Product-related clinical support
  • Patenting

Our team

At Estor we are committed to building a team that delivers high-quality and industry-leading products to the healthcare sector. We are an international team of bioengineers, biologists, pharmacists, chemists, managers, and administrative staff. We pride ourselves on our strong scientific and technical expertise and a high-value partnership. We operate through a business structure that enables the coverage of the entire national territory. We have 14 area managers (mainly direct employees), a product specialist team, and office staff to manage tender, order fulfillment, customer service, and post-sale support.

Our mission

We are pursuing excellence in healthcare by offering best-in-class medical devices and services at a sustainable cost. By providing healthcare professionals with the correct information required for making informed clinical decisions, we contribute towards improving patient survival and quality of life.

Our vision

We firmly believe in personalized healthcare and it is our vision to provide the best therapeutic solutions targeted to the needs of the individual patient. We believe that a tailored therapy, although apparently more expensive, will turn out more cost-effective, as it is used only in patients who will benefit, sparing expense and adverse events in those who will not.