A “small” big revolution in blood purification therapies for sepsis: TORAYMYXIN® PMX-05R

Message from CEO Dr. Mattia Bellaviti:

“Septic shock is a medical emergency affecting millions of people annually. Despite scientific and medical advances there is no established cure and mortality remains around 40%.

The Toraymyxin® device was designed by TORAY, a global leader in advanced materials, nanotechnology, and a strong player in the biomedical sector. The device combines the potent endotoxin neutralizing capabilities of polymyxin B with extracorporeal hemoperfusion. High affinity binding of endotoxin by polymyxin B may remove up to 90% of circulating endotoxin after two treatments [1].

Since its introduction, more than 200,000 patients have been treated with Polymyxin B Hemoperfusion (PMX-HP) representing the key Blood Purification Therapy conceived for the treatment of un-responsive endotoxin/Gram-negative based infections [2-4].

With the European launch of the Toraymyxin PMX-0.5R device for reduced-volume patients, we are making an important contribution to the field of blood purification therapies for the treatment of septic shock, fully responding to global medical needs.

Toraymyxin PMX-05R is a validated therapeutical choice for the treatment of un-responsive septic shock patients with a reduced body volume [5,6]. A recent publication by Yaroustovsky et al. shows the effect of PMX-05R in 15 children with septic shock following cardiac surgery (body weight range 6.0-22.5 Kg). Treatment with PMX-05R resulted in rapid improvement of hemodynamics, oxygenation and laboratory signs of sepsis, including rapid decrease of PCT, pre-sepsin and EAA levels, resulting in a 28-day survival of 80% in these severely affected children [5].

As a company, Estor is pursuing excellence in healthcare by offering best-in-class medical devices and services. We firmly believe in personalized healthcare and it is our vision to provide the best therapeutic solutions tailored to the needs of the individual patient and we are proud to introduce Toraymyxin PMX-05R in Europe”.



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