ISICEM 2017 Bruxelles

Estor sarà presente al 37° Simposio Internazionale sulla Terapia Intensiva e Medicina d’Urgenza (ISICEM), 20 – 24 marzo 2017, Bruxelles, Belgio.

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LUNCH SYMPOSIUM – Thursday 23rd March – 12.30-13.30 – TENT


Chairmen: M. Antonelli (Rome), M. Maggiorini (Zurich) 


Endotoxin and organ cross talk in septic shock

Ferrer Ricard (Barcelona)

Polymyxin B hemoperfusion: state-of-the-art, from EUPHAS to EUPHRATES

Antonelli Massimo (Rome)    

What have we learned from RCT’s and what do patient registries add?

Ronco Claudio (Vicenza)


Sponsored by Toray

Standard presentations of special interest:


Tuesday 21st March – 11.00-12.15 – GOLD HALL

Blood purification in sepsis

Chairmen: C. Sprung and E. Hoste


11.00-11.15            Blood purification

                                    Axel Nierhaus

11.15-11.30            Which patients in which context?

                                    Zsolt Molnar

11.30-11.45            CRRT and plasmapheresis

                                    Patrick Honoré

11.45-12.00            Polymyxin B hemoperfusion in septic shock: state of the art

                                    Massimo Antonelli

12.00-12.15            Discussion

Tuesday 21st March – 13.45-16.00 – SILVER HALL

Diagnostic tools in infection and sepsis

Chairmen: S. Opal and M. Bassetti


13.45-14.00            How to assess innate immunity in sepsis

                                    Axel Nierhaus

14.00-14.15            CD64: a new biomarker of sepsis

                                    Charles Sprung

14.15-14.30            Is endotoxin activity measurement useful?

                                    Marco Maggiorini

14.30-14-45            Rapid identification of microorganisms

                                    Marin Kollef

14.45-15.00            Discussion

15.00-15.15            Rapid microbiological diagnostics in pediatrics

                                    Russell McCulloh

15.15-15.30            Biomarkers for viral respiratory infection

                                    Benjamin Man Piu Tang

15.30-15.45            Transcriptional diagnostics

                                    Tom van der Poll

15.45-16.00            Discussion

Wednesday 22nd March – 08.00-11.30 – SALLE M (BOZAR)

ECMO: Practical aspects

Chairmen: M. Quintel and P. Rimensberger


08.00-08.15     Which ventilatory settings?

                        Davide Chiumello

08.15-08.30     The importance of the patient’s ventilatory drive

                        Antonio Pesenti

08.30-08.45     Limits of venous return during ECMO

                        Jukka Takala

08.45-09.00     Sometimes less is better?

                        Alain Combes

09.00-09.15     Discussion

09.15-09.30     Dual circulation in veno-arterial ECMO

                        Michael Broom

09.30-09.45     Add prone position in respiratory failure?

                        Laurent Papazian

09.45-10.00     How to combine RRT and ECMO

                        Marlies Ostermann

10.00-10.15     Discussion

10.15-10.30     The place of low flow ECCO2-removal

                        Marco Maggiorini

10.30-10.45     Neurological complications

                        Romain Sonneville

10.45-11.00     Resting energy expenditure

                        Tommaso Mauri

11.00-11.15     Practical aspects for the withdrawal of ECMO

                        Daniel Brodie              

11.15-11.30     Discussion