SMART WEBINAR – Mini-Invasive CO2 Removal: a Concrete Answer for Reducing the Ventilation Burden

In data 30 novembre alle ore 16.30, in collaborazione con SMART (Smart Meeting Anesthesia Resuscitation Intensive Care), supportiamo il WEBINAR dal titoloMini-Invasive CO2 Removal: a Concrete Answer for Reducing the Ventilation Burden”.

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Mini-invasive CO2 removal: a Concrete Answer for Reducing the Ventilation Burden

Chairperson: M. Quintel (Deggendorf, Göttingen)




M. Quintel (Deggendorf, Göttingen)



COVID-19 and ARDS: the baby lung size matters and potential role of CO2 removal

L. Gattinoni (Göttingen)



When to consider Mini-Invasive CO2 removal for Acute Respiratory Failure: our experience

M. Hilty (Zurich)









During this webinar we will analyze the potential of minimally invasive extracorporeal CO2 removal (LF-ECCO2-R) in supporting protective ventilation and reducing ventilation burden. Starting from concepts of respiratory pathophysiology, we will discuss which can be differences occurring in the lung in various clinical contexts such as ARDS and COVID-19, trying to identify the best patient-tailored ventilatory strategies. The rationale and potential for a well-designed extracorporeal CO2 removal system for the management of patient’s ventilatory support will then be analyzed in order to support the best setting for preventing ventilator- induced lung injury (VILI) by reducing mechanical power. Clinical experiences of applying the minimally invasive CO2 removal system in different contexts of Acute Respiratory Failure will be analyzed and discussed. Finally, we will reflect and discuss commonly accepted definitions like ARDS and general management flowcharts, including COVID-19 clinical context.