Health Canada issues an interim order for Toraymyxin medical device to treat COVID-19 patients

Spectral Medical Inc announces in a press release on April 20th 2020 that Health Canada has issued an Interim Order expanding the already approved indications for use of the Toraymyxin medical device specifically for patients with COVID-19.

As part of the Interim Order process, the Health Minister determined that there is an urgent public health need for the importation or sale of Toraymyxin.

The Interim Order allows for the use of Toraymyxin to treat COVID-19 patients, particularly those with acute respiratory failure, diffuse alveolar damage or difficulty with maintaining oxygenation, in the presence of hypotensive shock. Health Canada’s Interim Order related to Toraymyxin, and the new indication information has been published on the Government of Canada’s website under the ‘List of Medical Devices for Expanded Use in Relation to COVID-19 Pandemic’.

Press release April 20

This press release follows the announcement on April 14th that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) for the medical device Toraymyxin to treat COVID-19 patients suffering from septic shock.

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