Nutrition and hydration

We are offering a range of nutritional supplements from RenaCare (Germany) to satisfy the particular needs of nephropathic patients. For hydration and nutrition monitoring in nephropathic patients we are proposing EFG Plus®, the most advanced platform from Akern (Italy).

Advanced BIVA technology for nutritional analysis and hydration monitoring on the nephropathic patient

EFG Plus® is the most advanced platform for hydration and nutrition monitoring in nephropathic patients.

This new portable model with touch-screen designed by Akern is built on the most advanced BIVA technology; in addition to traditional graph BIAVECTOR, the system has integrated the Hydrogram® and Nutrigram® scales for rapid monitoring of hydration status and monitoring of protein/energy uptake.

EFG Plus® also performs nutritional screening (MNA, NRS 2002, MUST –ESPEN Guidelines) and tri-compartmental body analysis with estimation of TBW, ECW, ICW, FFM, FM, BCM, ASMM, SMI with reference to height or weight.

Nutritional supplements designed to meet the particular needs of nephropathic patients

RenaCare nutritional supplements are designed to meet the special requirement of nephropathic patients.

Renapro®, Renergy® and Renamil® are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the individual patient.

Ten reasons for choosing RenaCare:

  1. Minimum potassium content
  2. Minimum phosphorus content
  3. Personalized intake of energy and protein
  4. 100% milk protein of high bioavailability
  5. Lactose-, fructose- and galactose-free
  6. Gluten- and cholesterol-free
  7. Soluble in hot (up to 100 ° C) or cold foods
  8. Does not alter the flavor of foods in which it is dissolved
  9. Suitable for diabetics
  10. Complies with the daily energy requirements of renal patients