High-flux dialyzer for high solute removal performance (HD and HDF modality)

By use of innovative nanotechnology, TORAY has developed TORAYLIGHT™, a highly specialized membrane of modified Polysulfone, using moist technology and the “cross-linking” technology for maximization of PVP control, creating a new concept of high flux dialyzers with a remarkable performance and high biocompatibility.

Polysulfone membranes are hydrophilized with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) to improve biocompatibility. Given the high water solubility of PVP, leaking is difficult to avoid and membrane biocompatibility may vary according to the amount of PVP and the final surface structure formed by the manufacturing process. Polysulfone is the most widely used dialysis membrane material. However, several studies have suggested that polysulfone has side effects such as anaphylaxis, skin lesions and thrombocytopenia, supposedly caused by PVP.

TORAY has developed a technology to cross-link PVP to the membrane structure during the the production process including gamma ray sterilization. The synergistic effect of moisture, cross-linking and the use of  gamma-ray sterilization limits the release of PVP from the TORAYLIGHT membrane, maintaining a high biocompatibility and securing a safe hemodialysis treatment for the patient.

The moist technology results in a 60% weight reduction compared to previous wet-type dialyzers.