The pioneer in Internal Hemodiafiltration (iHDF)

TORAY has designed and developed a series of highly specialized membranes of polysulfone, a new concept of high flux dialyzers with a high water permeability, designed to obtain a uniform flow of dialysate and thereby achieving a remarkable performance.

The introduction of a helical slit structure ensuing a uniform dialysate flow and the extension of the length of the fibers contribute to the acceleration of internal filtration, resulting in high removal performance of uremic toxins, while limiting albumin loss. In addition, a strict control of PVP with a specific ”cross-linking” tecnology reduces micro-inflammation complications in the patient.

TORAYSULFONE® is designed by TORAY in order to maximize convective forces  in hemodialysis and hemofiafiltration, guaranteeing excellent removal performance in the context of Polysulfone membrane dialysis.

Excellent water permeability properties allows TORAYSULFONE to be used in HDF modality as well as internal HDF (iHDF). Introducing internal hemodiafiltration (iHDF) concept some years ago,  TORAYSULFONE is the pioneer of expanded hemodiafiltration. In fact, TORAYSULFONE is specifically designed for maximizing internal diffusion mechanisms and thus maximizing middle molecules removal trough convective forces also in BHD modality via iHDF. The excellent TS water permeability properties can also be exploited in Hemodiafiltration (HDF) Modality when this is preferred according to the clinical conditions of the patient.